– a new beginning

Welcome to my first post on the brand new I am excited to be writing this and thank you so much for reading my blog posts.

What’s new?

Boat and Sunset, Sri Lanka
Boat and Sunset, Sri Lanka

The first thing you probably noticed was the image header. This photo was taken in Jaffna, Sri Lanka as I watched the sun sink into the ocean.

I will be updating the header image regularly when I find something beautiful, interesting or even weird! That would keep things fresh and we’d have something to talk about.

Also you may have noticed the site icon. Let’s say it was a conscious move towards minimalism!

Of course there are no more advertisements at the bottom of the posts now! Also check out the new About section!

What’s staying?

Everything else, pretty much. I liked the PenScratch theme by WordPress so why fix it if it ain’t broke!

However I am always looking for ways to improve and would love to hear from you.

Why move away from a WordPress sub-domain?

Of course the URL is much simpler now with 10 characters off. However, the main reason was flexibility and the ability to dig a little deeper.

For instance, I wanted to show some code snippets on a post using GitHub Gist but was not able to do so. Googling the problem revealed that it could be solved but using a Self-Hosted site.

However, WordPress is an awesome tool, not just for blogging but for creating any website. That’s the very reason I chose WP in the first place and am sticking to it. A WP sub domain is one of the best ways to get started as a blogger!

What next?

There are many more things to talk about like what inspired me to start blogging, how this site came to be and who to thank for. Not to forget the Arduino developments. That’s all in the works. Until then take care!


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