You may not need to apologize

If you are someone who writes on a blog or makes videos for YouTube, here’s a suggestion. If possible, get to the content of your topic quickly.

This is not meant to be a post targeted at anyone specifically. I see so many creators rambling at the beginning of the video that I have to close the app or the browser tab, losing out from benefiting from the video. The creator didn’t gain a potential subscriber.

A related note on that is when a YouTuber starts their video with an apology for not publishing any content for a few days. To start with, I do not expect any apology. To add to it, I’m actually thankful they are creating a video now. If I was in a situation where I had not posted for some days, I’d get to the content quickly – at least benefiting the reader/subscriber sooner. I’d also like to encourage any creator to be precise – like the videos on Egghead. Perhaps this advice can depend on the nature of the video you create – so, feel free to take it with a grain of salt.

We would have realized time and attention are invaluable. If you would like someone to give you their attention, it has to be earned. This is why I love MKBHD as a creator. Every minute of video on his channel is something that I find useful.

I hope this piece was beneficial for you if you are just getting started or would like to improve the quality of your video/writing.