Towards a more inclusive post-COVID world

I’ve been reflecting a bit on how much of a disaster the Coronavirus has been to every single one of us. We are all affected but at different levels. Some have faced the ultimate loss, their life. Others have lost their jobs and livelihoods – the list goes on. It’s gotten to a point where I hardly check the news or the numbers on COVID-19 since it makes me sad.

The art of not responding

If you are a creative (aka human because I believe all of us are creative) in this internet age, chances are you’ve been afraid to put your work out there. And understandably so. We all have that fear of how our work will be received. Perhaps you have had someone criticizing yourself or your creative output unreasonably before. Maybe you have felt you are not good enough because someone made you think so.

Being Right vs. Being Kind

As a young kid, I cared a lot about being right. I do not know if it was due to my interest in subjects that had one right answer, like Mathematics or Computer Science. Perhaps it was due to something else. Whatever the reason, I cared about getting things right. I also cared about making sure the other person had the “correct” opinion/understanding/fact.