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  • React Context 101

    Have you worked with a React app that needed the same data in multiple components? If so, have you considered Context yet?

  • Why you should render React on the server side

    A few considerations for using React SSR.

  • Using React Context API with Gatsby

    You often feel the unsettling flash of a bright phone screen while relaxing in a dimly lit room. This is alleviated by introducing a “dark mode” which switches background and foreground colors to reduce eye strain. I decided to add this to my boutique web agency Laccadive IO’s new Gatsby-based site.

  • Building Mobile Apps Using React Native And WordPress

    This is an article written by me for Smashing Magazine six days ago. It’s about building a WooCommerce-powered e-commerce app using React Native. As web developers, you might have thought that mobile app development calls for a fresh learning curve with another programming language. Perhaps Java and Swift need to be added to your skill set to […]

  • How To Build A Skin For Your Web App With React And WordPress

    This is an article written by me for Smashing Magazine five days ago. It’s about building a WordPress theme and store using React. So you’ve trained yourself as a web engineer, and now want to build a blazing fast online shop for your customers. The product list should appear in an instant, and searching should […]