On Being Pragmatic

It is important to be optimistic and curb negativity. However, pragmatism is what will help us not fall prey into the trappings of the modern world.

Use the tools you have

Having a great laptop or equipment is rewarding. But, what if you cannot afford one? Use the tools you have.

Investment vs. Expense

Spending money on a great workstation setup or taking time away from work to relax are two examples of investment. They are not merely expenses.

The 🍎 Ecosystem

I started using Android in 2012. I switched to iPhone in 2020. Here are some thoughts on why I made the switch.

Optimism by default

Some people consider themselves to be optimistic, while others say they are pessimistic or realistic. Here’s my take on why choosing optimism by default works for me.

Towards a more inclusive post-COVID world

The Coronavirus has been a disaster for each one of us. I’m hoping the world would become a more inclusive place as a result of it, regardless of our location.

The art of not responding

Some thoughts on not responding to unreasonably negative things on the internet.