The art of not responding

Some thoughts on not responding to unreasonably negative things on the internet.

Being Right vs. Being Kind

It is important to be right. However, it is even more crucial that we are kind. As we will learn one day, it is harder to be kind than to be clever.

Avoiding burnout while working remotely

I recently wrote an article about working remotely, which seemed to resonate with some of y’all. I thought to follow it up with something crucial when working remotely – avoiding burnout. Here are some of the lessons I learned during my time as a remote worker, some of them the easy way; the others, the […]

On Working Remote

I have been working remotely for over a year now. I am completing one year at rtCamp soon and before that, I was doing some consulting remotely. During this period, I thought about how I could make remote-work work, and this meant I read some articles and books from people much smarter than I am. […]

2019: Year In Review

Beginning of last year, I wrote about what happened in my life during 2018. I thought why not follow it up with what happened in 2019. I think it’s good to look back and reflect on what the year brought to you, in terms of life and work and do a review of it. Here […]

Speaking remotely at WordCamp US 2019

This post first appeared on WordCamp US took place at the beginning of this month and we had rtCamper Muhammad Muhsin as a speaker at the event. Muhammad spoke about β€œUsing WordPress with Static Site Generators” along with Jason Bahl, a software engineer at Gatsby, as a co-presenter. Here is Muhammad’s account of his […]

React Context 101

Have you worked with a React app that needed the same data in multiple components? If so, have you considered Context yet?

Why you should render React on the server side

I wrote this post for LogRocket Blog, which was published on May 20, 2019. Many of you probably use React CLI, better known as Create React App (CRA). Using CRA allows you to get up and running with ease and has a lot of other advantages. However, building with CRA has a few disadvantages, for example, […]

Thinking in WordPress

I talk about WordPress based on my experience with the CMS.

Gatsby and WordPress – best friends or foes?

I see many WordPress users making a switch away from WordPress to Gatsby. However, I think the two technologies are a good match. Let’s find out! When I first came across the official Gatsby site a year ago, I was glad to see the mention of WordPress on its homepage (under Data Sources > CMSs). […]